please contact Rhonda on 068452450 or please leave a txt on 0276715000 or email on [email protected], I Classes are relaxed and are for for people who have never tried weaving to weavers... Flax Weaving Classes 1367 Tairua-Whitianga Road, Whenuakite. An introductory (half day) flax weaving class (raranga) includes: an in-sight into an amazing art form, including tikanga (guiding principles) , exposure to relevant kupu (Maaori terminology), identifying and harvesting techniques in a Paa harakeke (flax plantation), preparation and the weaving of a kete taatahi/koonae (general ... You can find more information about materials fees of specific classes by clicking the REGISTER links in the class catalog. Weaving classes may also require the purchase of yarns, which are not typically supplied by instructors. Most yarns required by WGM classes can be bought at Fiber Source, our store at the guild, or online in advance of class.

Intermediate & Advanced Weaving. More advanced students may pursue a greater range of weave structures, fibers, and long-term study. Classes are offered in pattern weaves like Ms and Os, huck, summer and winter, overshot, spot weave, krokbragd, damask, satin weave, and more.